PyDelhi Dev Sprints - 28th April 2018

Posted on Thu 03 May 2018 in Meetup

PyDelhi Dev Sprint on 28th April 2018

The Idea

Rajat Saini who is one of the PyDelhi volunteers for a long time suggested new concepts for PyDelhi events on the mailing list. Discussions began both on the mailing list and on telegram volunteer group about the same and we planned to organize PyDelhi Dev Sprint on April 28th. Begin one of the volunteers I had the responsibility of creating a form for organizations and mentors, reaching out to them and also broadcast the news to different FOSS communities in and around Delhi.

The Organisations

Organisations participated

Close to the event date, we had following organizations confirmed for Dev Sprint.

The Day of Dev Sprints

Priyank taking VCS session

Knowlarity invited PyDelhi to host Dev Sprint in their Gurugram office and also sponsored lunch afterward. It all began with a quick introduction from everyone and Sanyam taking a session on what Dev Sprints actually are. Later, the attendees chose their projects and circled around the mentors for the same. Those who were new to Git and Github were helped by Priyank who took the initiative of teaching VCS. Afterward, Knowlarity CTO, Ajay Shrivastava took a quick inspirational session and then Hiring and Pitching session took place.

The Aftermath

Mandatory Group Picture

The result of the event was 11 Issues and 6 Pull Requests to different project of participating organizations and listed them on etherpad. Folks who contributed got PyDelhi and Github swags. We took a mandatory group picture afterward to conclude the day. Hope to see you guys in upcoming PyDelhi Meetup

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